On April 1st 2008, Ms. Janice Lyttle (mother of Soca Star Kevin Lyttle), died suddenly of heart disease at the age of 52. She did not previous suffer from symptoms of heart disease. A year later, after much research and trying to answer the question why, Kevin Lyttle adopted this cause by way of a Foundation in his mother’s name.

The Janice Lyttle Foundation for heart disease education and support is a non-profit organization founded on June 5th 2010 and serves all of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The foundation’s goal is to provide support and some funding for the education of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on hypertensive cardiovascular disease. We aim to help people to benefit from the great strides made in the treatment, detection and prevention of heart disease. This will be done through several mediums. Thefirst is via sponsored concerts to raise funds to acquire literature for the cause and medicine and equipment to be donated to the public hospitals and clinics throughout the country. The other mediums would be through seminars and lectures organized for the people in many different towns and schools throughout the country as well as through banquets and fitness walks. Theseevents will bring together health care professionals, survivors, entertainers, lecturers and the community to discuss the mission of eliminating heart disease and support for families of heart disease patients.
In the United States alone, the numbers of patients suffering from heart disease are as follow: 50 million people suffer from high blood pressure, 12 million people suffer from coronary heart disease, heartattack happens to 7 million people. Surprisingly, 35 percent of people who have high blood pressure do not realize it and every 29 seconds, a person suffers from a kind of coronary occurrence. Worst, 50 percent of heart attack victims wait for two hours before requesting help. The result, a quarter of millionpeople die annually before they reach hospital due to heart attack. And lastly, heart disease affects people of all ages and backgrounds and is a number one killer. In St. Vincent, the numerical ratios bear significant resemblance to the US numbers and heart disease is the number one killer in the country.


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